[uf-discuss] species questions; process: examples questions

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 14:21:54 PDT 2006

> >> It reflects current publishing practice as precisely and completely as
> >> possible ...
> >I'm still wondering how it does so.
> I'm not sure what else I can tell you.

Perhaps we have different understandings of some words?  We must not
be sharing some crucial foundational concepts. Allow me to summarize
from my perspective:
Me: "How does $x relate to $y."
You: "It's relates precisely and completely."
Me: "I didn't mean does it, I mean how does it?"
You: "Not sure what to tell you."

Surely we can begin communicating better.  We seem to be talking past
each other.

> Have you find a reference to a living thing, in the context of biology
> or taxonomy, which the proposal does not fit?

The markup suggested doesn't seem to reflect, to me, any of the
authoring practices already being used.  Furthermore, it's hard for me
to evaluate how the suggested markup was proposed because I can't find
the analysis and commonalities of already published markup.

> The structure (which is very flat) is also dictated by the rules of
> taxonomy.

I don't mean the structure of domain specific taxonomy information, I
meant the structure of markup.  The names of taxonomy are already
provided by science.  I understand that.  I'm specifically talking
about the structure of markup.

> What analysis would you like?
> What do you mean by "common publishing behaviours", that isn't already
> provided in the examples listed?

I suggest looking at the other *-examples pages, in particular
<http://microformats.org/wiki/review-examples> and
<http://microformats.org/wiki/citation-examples>.  Please take careful
note of the analysis sections and implied schema sections.

> Oh, and next time you feel the need to accuse me of editing a wiki page
> "on behalf of another user", kindly check the page history, first. Thank
> you.
I was looking at the history, which is what made me curious, to begin
with.  As far as accusations go, I'm not sure I've made any, but in
the case that I have:
I officially unaccuse and revoke any accusations towards you.  I'm
glad for your work and efforts.  But just so we're clear: I'm
concerned about species.


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