[uf-discuss] Visible Data...a Microformat requirement?

Ciaran McNulty mail at ciaranmcnulty.com
Mon Oct 23 02:43:42 PDT 2006

On 10/23/06, Michael MD <mdagn at spraci.com> wrote:
> > For the specific example you mention, the '2 hours' declaration could
> > probably be used as the DURATION (probably with an ABBR) and then
> > transcluded into each VEVENT using the include-pattern.
> do many parsers out there support include-pattern yet?

Not many, but they probably should*

> ... whereas any older or very simple hCalendar parser would probably be able
> to see dtend!

Well you can put a DTEND in and hide it with CSS if you really must.
It's not best practice by any means, but if you're going to aim at
existing parsers there's not really another option, sure.

-Ciaran McNulty

* It's very easy to volunteer other people's time like this, I appreciate ;-)

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