[uf-discuss] Size considerations and other property-names for "species"

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 11:57:07 PDT 2006

> I work with experts in this field and so it's a simple task for me to
> ask around.


> Going back to learning how the market place is doing it, I've yet to
> see an example that uses the term binomial as a class name in markup.
> If I find an example, I'll post it.

Great, that's exactly what I think is needed. Thanks!

> I will focus efforts in this area. In my own experience working in the
> field of biodiversity informatics and web design, I would anecdotally
> say that there are very few common existing practices apart from those
> I've already pointed out. I'll work these into the examples.

Again, I REALLY appreciate this.  This is exactly the work that needs
to happen, and is what I intended to encourage with my regrouping
effort.  I also appreciate your comments so far on that effort.


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