[uf-discuss] Mailing list debate moved & new proposal

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Oct 24 10:55:23 PDT 2006

In case anyone hasn't noticed, earlier today (when I was online ,but
without access to e-mail) , I moved the voting on a putative new mailing
list to:


(with a link to that, from the original page), because it was becoming
longer then the rest of the page, combined.

I also posted this comment on the new page:

        Why not create a new mailing list for each proposal, once it's
        reached a certain stage? Then , if the uF is created, or the
        proposal abandoned, the specific list would be closed, and the
        archive retained as a link from the "brainstorming" page, as a
        permanent, and discrete record of discussion on that topic.

        Alternatively, the list could be retained for discussion of the
        implementation and development of that specific uF.

        For example, several academic and professional taxonomists have
        told me in e-mail that they would be interested in the species
        proposal, (and one astronomer, likewise, for mars/ luna), but do
        not have the time to follow a general mailing list; indeed, a
        couple asked me specifically if I would set up a separate
        mailing list for the subject.

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