[uf-discuss] Visible Data...a Microformat requirement?

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at gmail.com
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I'm still not convinced.  I've only heard generalities and no specifics on
anything I've heard regarding my use-case.  RDF is far to complicated for
the average person creating HTML; one reason why I don't think it will ever
fly.  I still know of nothing else besides Microformats that can fill this
role; can you give me some specifics that:

* Is very simple to add
* Doesn't require access to <head>
* Can be done today


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On Oct 25, 2006, at 5:15 PM, Mike Schinkel wrote:

> Thanks Charles.
> However I still have no idea why these things apply to specifying 
> which page among of group of equivalent pages is authoritative and why 
> Microformats do not.  The latter seem a perfect fit to me, and what 
> you listed either don't apply to general web pages, are years off and 
> can't be used today, are not related, or don't provide the features 
> needed. The microformat concept would work perfectly for this (and 
> similar problems.)

I think the key difference is the subject of this thread.   
Microformats are good for visible data.  Other formats are good for  
invisible data.  Most of what Charles listed is in wide use today.   
You just don't see it because it's not on the visible web.  If the data you
want to describe is also not on the visible web, it's probably more
appropriate for one of these invisible data formats.

Consider reuse of the data.  Microformats have less invisible reuse  
potential because they don't fit a general schema like RDF or XSD.   
But microformats have more visible reuse potential because, well, the data
is visible.  If your data is invisible and you tried to format it with
microformats, you'd be losing both invisible reuse potential and visible
reuse potential.  You can pound that nail with a screwdriver, but why would

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