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In message <3DXXpJwALgOFFw4Q at pigsonthewing.org.uk>, Andy Mabbett
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>Here're some suggested additions:

I  set that the page <http://microformats.org/mailinglists-policies/>
has recently been updated, and some of the suggestions posted here
included, but not others.

What's the reasoning behind excluding:

>   *    Use standard quoting, with nested chevrons [as in this
>        If your service or client doesn't facilitate this, use "Quote
>        Right" <http://freestuff.grok.co.uk/quoteright/index.html>
>        (free, for Windows) which will format text with chevrons for
>        you.
>   *    Use line length of no more than 80 characters (72 is the
>        preferred maximum, to allow for the insertion of the aforesaid
>        chevrons by people quoting you)

>  *     Before asking for help wit your markup, please make sure that
>        your HTML and CS validate at [W3C URLs]

and why were these ignored:

>The statement that:
>        List messages may not be republished in any public forum
>        the explicit written permission of the original author(s) of
>        reposted message(s), or else the explicit written permission of
>        the list administrators. This policy applies to automated
>        gateways such as SMTP to NNTP gateways.
>does not reflect the fact that there is an on-line archive of the list,
>The archive's existence should be made explicitly clear (along with a
>statement to the effect "bear in mind that whatever you say will be
>archived and available to everyone, including your friends, lovers and
>employers, in perpetuity".
>The phrase "or else"  in the above quote suggests that the list owners
>have permission to allow other individual's posts to be republished,
>They surely do not.
>Finally, I'm strongly against the instruction to "avoid blasphemy" -
>one person's truth /is/ another person's blasphemy. Far better I would
>say, to suggest that people avoid referring to matters of religion at


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