[uf-discuss] Visible Data...a Microformat requirement?

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Yes I was joking, but in the sense of "Many a truth said in jest." In my 20+
years in the tech industry I don't think I've a group of people who can be
more religious than those discussing technical matters, excepting
fundamentalists in any real religion. :)

And because religions tend to promote absolutes, they create lots of
problems and impede the forward progress of pragmatists.  Thus I was trying
to make a point without being too pointed. ;)


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>>> cardinal sin
>Is this a pragmatic group that I'm working with, or a bunch of 
>religious zealots that I've managed to get entangle with?

[assuming you're not joking]

"cardinal" in this sense means:

        "essential"; "of foremost importance"; "paramount"

and "cardinal sin" is a common idiom. See, for example:


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