[uf-discuss] how do i submit something for consideration?

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Fri Oct 27 03:25:42 PDT 2006

Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
> I don't know how / where to submit it for potential consideration as a 
> microformat

Read the process.  Then read it again, and again until you fully 
understand it, and then follow it.


You really need to start by documenting real world websites and the 
markup they use.  The process most certainly doesn't start with a 
pre-written specification.

> Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 License

That no derivatives clause effectively means we couldn't work on it to 
improve it, only you could, so that effectively rules it out of 
acceptance anyway (regardless of the other problems with the proposal).

> ... coerced to validate in XHTML strict

Any microformat really needs to be usable in HTML, not just XHTML, 
because roughly 99.999% of the world effectively uses HTML.  So that 
means the example markup you provide in the spec should be in HTML, not 
XHTML, or at the very least follow the guidelines in Appendix C.  i.e. 
You can't use <span/>, which seems to be in every example.

This is a copy of the long format example, copied from your current spec.

> <span class="findmeon">
> 	<span class="Spec" title="http://findmeon.org/spec/0_09"/>

* XML empty element syntax is not recommended.
* Span is the wrong element for links.  Use <a>.
* What's the point of that element????  Is that a poor attempt at 
replacing the profile attribute?

> 	<span class="SignedInfo">
> 		<span class="resource" title="http://www.FindMeOn.com"/>

* See previous 3 points.

> 		<span class="type" title="url"/>
> 		<span class="subtype" title="business"/>
> 		<span class="attributes">
> 			<span class="attribute" title="primary"/>
> 		</span>

* What the?

> 		<span class="timestamp" title="2006-04-26 19:18:45-04"/>

* See datetime design pattern.

> 	</span>
> 	<span class="Signature">
> 		<span class="SignatureValue" title="akjhasd">
> 		<span class="KeyInfo" title="">
> 	</span>

* That's not even well-formed.
* Why is the signature hidden within the title attribute?
* What is KeyInfo? Why is it empty?

> 	<span class="SeeAlso">
> 		<a class="SeeAlso" href="http://www.FindMeOn.com/findmeon/xxxxxx" rel="repository me"/>
> 		<a class="SeeAlso" href="http://www.roadsound.com" rel="repository me"/>
> 		<a class="SeeAlso" href="http://www.2xlp.com/foaf.rdf" rel="foaf me"/>
> 		<a class="SeeAlso" href="http://www.2xlp.com/info.html" rel="xfn me"/>
> 		<a class="SeeAlso" href="http://www.2xlp.com/info.html" rel="openid me"/>

* What are all these links for?
* Why are they empty?
* It looks like some sort of list, why not mark it up as such?

> 	</span>
> </span>

>             designed for machine readability , but supports human 
> readability (90% of content would usually be hidden though)

Human readability?  In that entire example, there was not one piece of 
visible content that the user could see.  It's designed entirely for 
machine processing.

>         usage:
>             openly claim / verify / link multiple websites together via 
> RSA 1024 public key pairings within a distributed self-sufficient framework
>             hopefully will end proprietary 'i own this blog/whatever' codes
>             designed so that resources do not need to know about one 
> another or a central server in order to be linked/verified by a public key
>             originated from: a need to map artist/label/venue/etc ...

I have no idea how you think this format meets that use case.

>     open_sn
>         design:
>             a dirty dirty hack
>             standardizes the most common social network / dating site / 
> online account profile fields that do not natively appear in existing 
> specifications

See http://microformats.org/wiki/profile-examples

It would help if you could expand that page with more examples, and 
maybe even progress it to the next step.

>             its really quite a bad 'standard'

Fully agree!  Also, search the archives for the recent discussion about 
personal profiles.

Lachlan Hunt

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