[uf-discuss] Getting support for Microformats in Blogger

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 19:24:27 PDT 2006

It appears that Blogger is redesigning their template language with
the new Beta:

"One quick warning before you all dive in, though: The new template
language is completely different from the old one. So even if you're
used to working with classic templates, you'll need to learn some new
tricks to directly edit the new templates for Layouts-enabled blogs."


So while much of the templating label has to do with logical if-then
stuff, it seems that this is a critical moment where we could provide
some insights into how Blogger might be able to offer support for
microformats and microcontent templates.

In particular, getting Blogger on par with WordPress in its support of
XFN in the blogroll
hCard for its personal profiles as well as pushing hAtom on their
publishing templates.

They also have their own widget syntax (*cough*):


So, anyway, now's the time to move on this and make a concerted effort
to get microformats support into Blogger (I see that they're using
relTag at least!).

Here's my plea (which I will blog shortly as an open letter):



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