[uf-discuss] UW events calendar, feedback please

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 19:35:34 PDT 2006

Hi Jesse,

Passing that page to the Technorati conversion script failed to
generate a functional .ics file:


It appears that there are empty values in some places and that certain
required data is missing.

Anyway, it'd be awesome if you open sourced this software...! This is
totally something that would be of great value to the community.

Additionally, you might find some use with this:


Perhaps you could also suck in hcalendar data from remote sources like
Upcoming or Eventful?


On 9/2/06, Jesse Rodgers <jrrodgers at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I shall keep this short ;) The co-op student I had working for me this
> summer was tasked with the job to create an events calendar for the
> University of Waterloo to replace WebEvent. He chose to work with Ruby
> on Rails (great excuse for me to have a go at it as well) and off we
> went. I am pretty happy with it:
> http://calendar.uwevents.uwaterloo.ca/
> You might want to look at the entire month of September as there are a
> few more events to look at:
> http://calendar.uwevents.uwaterloo.ca/calendar/2006/9
> The site displays the events with hCal and there are streams available
> that also have hCal in them. But this is really my first app with this
> much microformat so I am wondering a couple things:
> - have we used hCal properly?
> - is there anything else we could do with hCal?
> Looking forward to your feedback...
> Jesse
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