[uf-discuss] Correct geo code??

Frances Berriman fberriman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 06:31:52 PDT 2006

> <div class="vcard">
> <span class="geo">
> <span class="latitude">37.123456</span>
> <span class="longitude>-122.654321</span>
> </span>
> </div>

The problem with this markup is that vCard requires a name at the very
least, so this would work as a minimum.

> However, upon a little reflection, there could be a real need for geo to
> be stand alone in the near future. For example flickr have stated that
> they intend to use microformats for their new located photos and more
> people are locating blog posts/articles. There could be a use for geo
> sub-types to describe the entity that is being located (article,
> photo)???

Yeah - it will be nice to see flickr using microformats, and infact,
would solve my previous statement as the name field could be filled as
all photos on flickr are marked with an author.  Although I assume the
geo would be for the location of the photograph, rather than the
location of the photographer!

Frances Berriman

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