[uf-discuss] does hatom for comments make sense?

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Mon Sep 11 16:05:44 PDT 2006

On 11 Sep 2006, at 23:17, Stephanie Booth (bunny) wrote:
> Does this way of using hatom on comments make sense to you?

It does to me, yes. Although not using two separate hAtom feeds. I'd  
just have one with the original post as the first entry in the feed  
and comments following on sequentially. It's _a feed of the  
discussion_, in my eyes.

I'm not sure I understand the reason for wanting multiple feeds or  
nested feeds to represent comments. I can't see the need for a  
distinction between a comment and the original post at all.

The most important thing, with regards to the Atom 1.0 spec, is that  
the id for the original post in the comments feed should be the same  
as the id for that same post in the main, front-page feed. If a  
conforming feed reader were to subscribe to both feeds, it should  
understand that they are the same entry.


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