[uf-discuss] Flock + Microformats

Farndon, Tony tony.farndon at forestry.gsi.gov.uk
Tue Sep 12 07:52:26 PDT 2006

Hi folks

Now I didn't use the subject header to get Chris Messina's attention!
Heck, maybe I did if you still keep up with the pulse at your old

Anyway, I have quickly created a (concept) extension for the flock
browser (0.7.*) which incorporates microformats creation into the flock
blog editor. I am not too sure if this is being worked on by flock inc
or not, so am posting this email to see if anyone thinks it is worth me
taking this extension further forward?

At present it just allows you to create and insert an hCard to give you
an idea, but all other formats worthy of inclusion could, well, be
included. I have attached the xpi if anyone wants to try it out and let
me know your thoughts/ideas/concerns etc

At the moment, it is under the completely lame name of heads ;-) (well,
it does the opposite of Tails doesn't it ?)


Best wishes, 

Tony Farndon

Tony Farndon
Planning Forester
Forestry Commission Scotland
Cowal and Trossachs Forest District

Tel. 01877 382383
Fax. 01877 382694 

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