[uf-discuss] My Last Post Flock + Microformats

Farndon, Tony tony.farndon at forestry.gsi.gov.uk
Tue Sep 12 08:00:05 PDT 2006

Grr, forgot to remove my email signature from last post. Being a
jobsworth but must point out that the email and its contents etc are in
no way connected to my employees etc yadayadayada


Tony Farndon

Just another guy...

+++++ The Forestry Commission's computer systems may be monitored and communications carried out on them recorded, to secure the effective operation of the system and for other lawful purposes. +++++

The original of this email was scanned for viruses by the Government Secure Intranet (GSi) virus scanning service supplied exclusively by Cable & Wireless in partnership with MessageLabs.

On leaving the GSi this email was certified virus-free

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