[uf-discuss] Re: Re: Flock + Microformats

Jason Mezzacca jasonmez at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 22:11:41 PDT 2006

Chris Messina said:
>>Now -- whoops! -- all of a sudden I'm offline. But -- phew! -- I have
a local cached copy of the HTML (just like a browser would)! Any of
the transformation that I need to do could be performed on that cached
HTML and then when I reconnect (here's the magic that needs to be
figured out) all my changed would be resynced with the server.<< 

A little off-topic here, but FWIW, Adobe has had a desktop app called Adobe
Central (or something like that) for a while now that does... Well,
precisely what you're talking about here.  Of course, to the best of my
knowledge it didn't have any microformat-related apps/plugins running on it,
but it would be a snap to build such a plugin.  I'm not trying to take away
from what you're doing at all, I'm all for seeing convenience across as many
platforms for as many people as possible.  So I thought I'd give you the
heads up on that Adobe app if you haven't seen it.  It might be nifty to
write a proof of concept plugin using microformats for it if anyone around
here is terribly familiar with scripting whatever they're using (likely
flex/actionscript).  Any type of desktop app that makes dealing with online
stuff easier I'd take over a webapp any day.

I've got some on-topic questions I'll send later, but one more thing for
now:  just want to give a polite reminder that some of us are subscribed to
the list in digest format so when you leave the last 10 or so exchanges all
commented under what you send in + multiple messages per digest... You get
the idea, lots of scrolling, hehehe. :P 



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