[uf-discuss] Microformats clippings set for BBEdit

Kerri Hicks Kerri_Hicks at brown.edu
Mon Sep 18 11:39:30 PDT 2006

I wrote up a simple outline for an hCard and hCalendar code block,  
and sent it to my friends at Bare Bones Software for inclusion in  
BBEdit's 'Clippings' autocompletion feature. If you type 'hcard' or  
'hcal' in an HTML document, and hit F5, it will insert a full code  
block with commonly used Microformat elements in it for the MF you  
chose, and then you can use a keystroke to pop from one place to  
another to fill in the content.

The clippings don't have *every possible* hCard or hCalendar data  
type, but it's a start, and a nice way to get the word out about  
Microformats. If anyone has suggestions about how to make these  
better (especially if I've totally screwed something up), or other  
clippings to include, please let me know. I think the next thing  
would be to maybe add individual clippings for each class...and maybe  
add XFN or XOXO...

 From the 8.5.1 beta release notes:

     +   Added clippings for Microformats to the default HTML  
clippings set.

The download link for the beta version of the app that includes the  
set is at


BE AWARE, though (also from the release notes):
"Note that these are _pre-release_ versions. The intent is to fix  
bugs and address areas of improvement based on what our customers  
have reported. However, since the software is at this point not fully  
tested, there _may_ be bugs and regressions. If this prospect makes  
you nervous, then sticking with the public release versions is your  
best course of action."

Also, if you have an earlier version of BBEdit installed, the  
clipping set won't show up, but you can download the latest HTML-with- 
Microformats set from http://gevalt.techtorial.com/microformats/  and  
you can add the set manually to either 8.5 or 8.5.1 (the set might  
actually work with the pre-8.5 versions' Glossary feature, but I  
haven't tested that). I presume the Microformats set will be listed  
on their web site to download separately when the new version ships.


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