[uf-discuss] Parsing dates in preferred format

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Sep 19 10:22:44 PDT 2006

Way back in January 2005, Tantek Celik wrote on his blog:


        In the future one could imagine a CSS rule and perhaps a CSS
        property or two that would automatically transform and present
        [...] ISO8601 dates from 'title' attributes of <abbr> elements
        into whatever datetime format the user preferred (e.g. for their
        locale, American vs. European etc.), rather than the default
        human readable abbreviation provided by the author.

In the meantime, and as a test case, surely that could be done now, with
a FireFox extension or GreaseMonkey script?

(The former would be preferable from my PoV)

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