[uf-discuss] An attempt at a lint tool for XFN, rel-tag etc

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 13:14:58 PDT 2006

Wow!  Nice!  You may want to make it allow standard rels (like home)
that are not microformats... it flagged some of my other stuff too
(like rel=comments), but that's part of what it's supposed to do I
guess :)  Out of curiosity, what license is on the code?  If it's ok,
it might be nice to use some of it to parse this stuff in JS in my own
   -- Singpolyma

On 9/19/06, Drew McLellan <lists at allinthehead.com> wrote:
> I've made an attempt at hacking together a lightweight tool for checking
> usage of some of the @rel based microformats.
> Using the bookmarklet pattern (it's a link you save to your bookmarks
> bar and then click on a page to run the tool), I'm checking applied XFN
> values against a known list as well as exposing tag values for rel-tag
> links.
> http://tools.microformatic.com/help/xhtml/rel-lint/
> I'm aware there's still lots to be done. At the moment common non-XFN
> values like 'bookmark' can sometimes get flagged as suspicious, and
> other such finer details need work. But in the spirit of release early,
> release often that has served me well so far, I'm putting it out there
> for feedback.
> If you'd like to see it in action, try running it on
> http://allinthehead.com/ where there are a couple of XFN typos (oops!).
> drew.
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