[uf-discuss] a very early draft proposal hTagcloud

John Allsopp john at westciv.com
Wed Sep 20 06:04:08 PDT 2006

> Considering the fact that many tagclouds are based on actual numerics
> (ie, 50 bookmarks on this tag), it might be nice to have access to
> that information further than just a rating.  imho, styling is not the
> microformat's job, the implementor can add extra classes or whatever
> to make that work if title isn't good enough for that.

while it might be nice, I think the uf exhortation to capture current  
practice rather than innovate is really valuable.

In following the one true process :-) I found that only one of the  
documented tagclouds, zoomclouds (and indeed other tagclouds, I  
didn't document all I looked at for everyone's sake) actually  
conveyed an exact count of the tags used, as opposed to a relative  

In the keeping it as simple as possible mode, I thus didn't suggest  
this feature for .01.

One problem with absolute numbers like these is that they may not be  
all that useful Technorati might have

blogging [1,234,456,009]

while web connections might have

blogging [54]

Yet this probably isn't all that  interesting. The fact that  
"blogging" belongs to the category of most popular tags at technorati  
and web connections is the interesting thing (well, at least as far  
as current practice goes)


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