[uf-discuss] 'currency' microformat straw-man proposal.

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>I've not been following this thread closely, so apologies if this has
>already been dismissed. Andy, or whoever, feel free to add any relevant
>parts to the brainstorming page.

Noted, and thank you.

>Usually, when talking about currency, the word 'type' is used (see

It may be used sometimes,; often, even, but is it "usual"? I and people
I know are far more likely to ask "What currency is use in Albania?"
than "what type of currency is used in Albania?".

><span class="currency">
>  <span class="type">$</span>
>  <span class="value">5.00</span>

"Dollars" is a currency. "Five Dollars" is money.

>(which follows the value excerpting model of using type and value
>classes), or, better:

Note sure what you mean here.

>even ISO4217 has codes for "currencies" that don't use symbols:
><span class="currency">
>  <span class="value">23</span> ounces of
>  <abbr class="type" title="XAG">Gold</abbr>

"once" would be the "unit", in that case.

>Following on from this, the use of a "money" class should not be used;
>currency does not _have_ to be money

That's an interesting point.

>If there was one further issue, perhaps an "amount" class could be used
>instead of type & value:
><span class="currency">
>  <span class="amount">£14 6s 4d</span>
><span class="currency">
>  <span class="amount">50 pence</span>

Those won't allow a user agent to extract the numeric value, easily.

>I don't think any mention of ISO4217 is needed within the code though;
>it could be accepted as the default way of doing it, in the same way
>ISO8601 is used for dates, and whatever co-ordinate system is used in
>geo, etc.

Seconded. It only needs to be specified if there's more than one
standard in use.

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