[uf-discuss] 'currency' microformat straw-man proposal.

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On 9/20/06, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
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> >I don't think any mention of ISO4217 is needed within the code though;
> >it could be accepted as the default way of doing it, in the same way
> >ISO8601 is used for dates, and whatever co-ordinate system is used in
> >geo, etc.
> Seconded. It only needs to be specified if there's more than one
> standard in use.

But what if others want to use other currency labels?  (Other than
those specified by ISO 4127).

What if a new specification comes out and these 3 letter codes from
ISO 4127 becomes obsolete?

Then what?

And what if one or more of these 3 letter codes also stands for
something else.  Used in some other Semantic HTML (or Microformat)?

For example.. what if "sit" is used in some other Semantic HTML?  How
do you know if "sit" represents the Slovenia Tolar or to "sit down" in
some other Semantic HTML (or something else)?

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