[uf-discuss] hCard question

Gazza gazza at garyjones.co.uk
Wed Sep 20 23:24:26 PDT 2006

David Janes mumbled the following on 21/09/2006 00:52:
> I'm seeing this:

> <span class="email"><span class="spamprevention
> username">kwilson</span>@<span class="spamprevention
> domain">3color.org</span></span>
> in a vCard [1]. Good. No good? I'm guessing the latter.

while splitting the e-mail address into parts is not part of the uf as I 
understand it, I can understand why this has been done, as it does, IME, 
greatly reduce spam.

I once displayed an email address webmaster@ so that the w was big and bold:

<span class="bigandbold">W</span>ebmaster at ...

When the junk mail arrived, the to: only contained ebmaster at . Clearly 
the spam harvesters were looking for the @ sign, then cropping up to the 
nearest HTML delimter. Following on from this, using:


means they would only harvest the @ sign. Using the kwilson example 
you've given is just 1 step further forward on from that, using the same 
idea, but making the markup more semantic. I have to say, I've seen this 
example before, and I do employ this method on some of my sites.


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