[uf-discuss] 'currency' microformat straw-man proposal.

Gazza gazza at garyjones.co.uk
Thu Sep 21 10:18:58 PDT 2006

Charles Iliya Krempeaux mumbled the following on 21/09/2006 17:59:
> Hello,
> On 9/21/06, Stephen Paul Weber <singpolyma at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > For example, with ISO 4127, "Canadian Dollars" has the code "CAD".
>> >
>> > However, I have also seen the code "CDN" used for "Canadian Dollars".
>> I don't believe 'CDN' is from a standard... it's a common misnomer
> I agree that no organization like ISO or ANSI created a specification
> for that code.
> But that does NOT prevent from being a standard.  (Think "defacto 
> standard".)
> You do NOT need the blessing of any organization to get a standard.
> You just need enough people (within a group) using it.
> "CDN" is used by ALOT of people.

Poor web design techniques are used by ALOT of people - doesn't mean 
they're right. If microformats were to become popular enough, as well 
the inherent benefits, it could also indirectly correct people on an 
issue such as this.


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