[uf-discuss] 'currency' microformat straw-man proposal.

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On 9/21/06, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
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> <84ce626f0609211126w34a1b760h9bf14a662f7a599b at mail.gmail.com>, Charles
> Iliya Krempeaux <supercanadian at gmail.com> writes
> >What I'm arguing is that... we should throw an iso4127 class name in
> >there too so that other currency codes (besides ISO 4127) could be
> >used too without (potentially) breaking this or other Semantic HTML
> >systems (that either exist now or will exist in the future) for
> >marking up currency.
> What currency code uses "CDN" for Canadian dollars - or we going to have
> people inventing their own currency codes, too?

Well... I use "CDN".  (I'm Canadian BTW.)  Until I read the ISO 4127
spec, I don't think I've noticed "CAD" being used.  But I've seen
"CDN" all over the place.

Even at the currency exchage stores (that I've been to) I believe they
use "CDN".

It's a defacto standard.  (Just because ISO doesn't give "CDN" its
blessing and tells people to use "CAD" doesn't mean people will.)

As far as people inventing their own currency codes.... an
organization like ISO or ANSI creating standards codes is really no
different from any group doing it.  They are just groups of people.

After all... if you want to exclude one group... the W3C might say
that we here at Microformats.org should not be allowed to create web
standards.  (We basically say f*** you.  We don't need your blessing.)

Why not make the standard we are creating be extensible (by making the
type of currency code being used be marked explicitly... with the
iso4127 class in our case)?

That way it will be useful to more people.  (That way it will be
useful to people who aren't using ISO 4127 cods.)  And thus this
Microformat will have a better chance of being used.  (Also, it can
make it so that different groups won't have conflicting ways of
marking up currency.  And we won't get a big mess.)

So... I'm NOT saying that we should NOT use ISO 4127 codes.  (I
actually think we should use them.)  I'm just saying that we should
mark that we are using ISO 4127 codes (via a iso4127 class) so that
people can use other currency codes too (and not have a bid confused

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