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In message <1280ACD7-0EAE-4057-A116-CE7E6C63F323 at infocraft.com>, Matthew
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[on why the use of rel="bookmark" links in :


might be incorrect)

I'd be grateful for a consensus, or at least others' thoughts, on this,
please, before I mark-up the rest of the page.

>Your ultimate purpose is to syndicate updates to the site, yes?


>hAtom is perfect for this.  It might require you to tweak the format
>slightly. One possibility:
>  <tr class="hentry">
>     <th scope="row"><abbr class="updated" title="2006-09-21">21
>     <td><span class="entry-title">Updated Bibliography</entry-
>title>: <span class="entry-content">Details and images of the two
>revised editions of <a href="biblio/worcs.htm#BirdsOfMalvern">Birds  of
>the Malvern District</a> added to our bibliography</span>.</td>
>  </tr>
>  <tr class="hentry">
>    <th scope="row"><abbr class="updated" title="2006-09-21">21
>    <td><span class="entry-title">September 2006 Bulletin</span>:
><span class="entry-content">Our <a href="../bulletin/
>index.htm#b434">September 2006 Bulletin</a> is out now.</span></td>
>  </tr>

Thank you, but that simply isn't going top happen. I'm not going to
start repeating content on the page, just o shoehorn it into an
otherwise-incompatible microformat. I thought the whole point of
microformats is that there should be no need to do so?
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