[uf-discuss] Use of <abbr> (also <object>) and Accessibility

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>>> The only objectionable examples listed in that accessify thread
>>> represent edge cases, rather than the common case.
>> In what way are they edge cases? They're very real examples, taken from
>> the Wiki.
>They are not from the wiki AFAIK.

The date example is indeed from one of my own pages, but is not unlike

        <abbr class="dtend" title="1998-03-12T09:30:00-05:00">9:30am



(except that the latter includes the unexpended abbreviation, "EST").

The "geo" example is in:


> The example from the accessify thread is
>a mutation/misquote from a blog post of mine.

Which example?

>Typical use of dates (not times) in prose omit the year,


> as well in sites,
>search results for events etc., whereas the example given puts the date in
>the prose.  Using the year inline every time a day and month is state is the
>edge case.

Again, nonsense.

>>>  It's (I hate to say this, but typical) reasoning by edge case rather
>>> than reasoning by 80% case.
>> Well, they'll certainly both be more than 80% of *my* use of those
>> formats.
>Do you state the year every time you state the day and month?
>Do you state your timezone everytime you state the time?

No, but then neither do the examples in question, so your point, if you
are implying one, is moot.

>>> So far the critics have only been chicken-littling which we should all
>>> have very little patience for.
>> I believe that "chicken-littling" is an Americanism meaning "scare
>> mongering". If so, who is doing that?
>The accessify link you pointed to is one such example though there have been
>some threads in this list as well.

I was referring specifically to the former, and my question was "who"
not "where". Please be more specific.

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