[uf-discuss] Proposal: species

Gazza gazza at garyjones.co.uk
Sat Sep 23 06:33:03 PDT 2006

Andy Mabbett mumbled the following on 23/09/2006 12:52:
> In message <4514F495.7040503 at garyjones.co.uk>, Gazza
> <gazza at garyjones.co.uk> writes
>>>> allowing/encouraging research of more esoteric or less frequently
>>>> used/published data types (species, moon/mars geolocations) on the Web.
>>>  Do you *really* think that species names are "esoteric"? <*boggle*>
>> Under a definition of only being used or known by a small group of
>> people, yes.
> And you think that "Blackbird", "poodle", "T Rex", "potato", "French
> Marigold", "Wisteria", "E. Coli", "HIV", "Rubella" or "human being" are
> only used by a small group of people?

"Species names" tend to only be scientific, and therefore generally in 
Latin. The list you propose above would be considered vernacular names 
at best.

Considering that no agreed formal definition of "species" apparently 
exists[1] then the usefulness of a supporting uF may be questionable.


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