[uf-discuss] Dated currency examples?

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On Sep 24, 2006, at 7:29 PM, Andy Mabbett wrote:

> In message <C13C4877.7BB2E%tantek at cs.stanford.edu>, Tantek Çelik
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>> date
> How about this as a model:
>         "date" is an optional component of the "currency" microformat.
>         When date is present, parsers may disregard it.
>         When parsers understand date, and none is present, they may
>         infer the date from any containing element (e.g. review, hAtom
>         entry, hResume-hCalendar, etc.)
> ?

the problem I see with logic like the above is the one that comes up  
semi-frequently when trying to address issues like this -- that a  
parser for X must then understand all other current (and future)  
microformats in order to extract the proper meaning from the markup.  
If you have a parser that understands hatom and hcalendar and then  
hreview comes along it presents the case of ether (a) the parser not  
extracting the meaning because it doesn't yet support the newer  
format or (b) the page changing "meaning" to the outside world as  
parsers get upgraded to see the new context.

I would also worry about being too ambitious with applying context  
clues (e.g. a blog post stating "i remember buying a comic book for  
10¢" and then applying the post date to the value) but that may be  
more of an authoring issue that could be worked through with more  
discussion then my first concern.

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