[uf-discuss] Microformat's Logos

Simone Onofri simone.onofri at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 03:29:33 PDT 2006

2006/9/26, Ben Ward <lists at ben-ward.co.uk>:
> On 26 Sep 2006, at 10:13, Simone Onofri wrote:
> > On the left we can insert the Mf logo and on the right, with a pixel
> > font, with hCalendar, hCards.... So, I can create it. What formats do
> > You want?
> >
> Aha, that's kinda my point. I question the usefulness of putting a
> microformats logo on a page with 'hSomething' text next to it. What
> does that mean to visitors? Admittedly not a lot less than putting
> 'XHTML' and 'CSS' in a pretty box, but for users, it surely makes
> more sense to refer to _Contacts_ and _Events_ respectively, since
> that is the data they're working with.
> I mean that in a general way: Naturally from the point of view of
> people involved in the microformats community looking to promote the
> microformats themselves then certainly using the name and logo makes
> sense but using the 'technical term' to indicate the presence of
> microformat on a page to _end users _ seems like a bad idea.

Thanks for reply Ben,
So, this is not technical but "marketing" for end users. Also the
presence of a partilular icon (resident on Mf server). Can track how
many users adopt it, and in which page it uses it.


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