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Actually, it was the OPML logo that caused my friend to critisize my
XOXO logo.  I'm not sure if it could be made a standard 'outline logo'
 or not... (I'm hating OPML very much this morning ;) )  Part of the
point is that I link reading lists (in both XOXO and OPML formats)
from my blog, and it would be nice to have icons instead of or to
complement the text (as we do for feeds).  I currently use my XOXO
logo as a sticker to my validator for XOXO marked-up-blogs, but that's
another thing altogether.

On 9/26/06, Chris Casciano <chris at placenamehere.com> wrote:
> On Sep 26, 2006, at 5:13 AM, Simone Onofri wrote:
> > 2006/9/26, Ben Ward <lists at ben-ward.co.uk>:
> >>
> >>
> > Hi,
> >
> > In a brand policy for it affermation on the community is a good way
> > use a single logo to diffuse it, also more logos may create confusion.
> > In this way people teach the new logo on hearts. For more logo or
> > products we can adopt more solution.
> >
> > For example the use of various formats logo like this - most used -
> > 8x15 pixel logo.
> > http://www.societaconoscenza.rai.it/images/w3c/valid-xhtml.png
> > http://www.societaconoscenza.rai.it/images/w3c/valid-css.png
> > http://www.societaconoscenza.rai.it/images/w3c/wcag1-AAA.png
> >
> > On the left we can insert the Mf logo and on the right, with a pixel
> > font, with hCalendar, hCards.... So, I can create it. What formats do
> > You want?
> But how many of those will appear on a page? And where? And for what
> formats would you use them? I can easily see a page on a blog
> supporting: hatom, rel-tag, geo, adr, hreview, hcard, hcalendar,
> xoxo, xfn, tagcloud.... though some people seem to love icons on
> their pages, seems to me to be a bit on the extreme side.
> I think the more important logo usage, for the time being, is not to
> show that there is an event/hcalendar item somewhere in the document
> (maybe, if the logo wasn't just put in the template) but as a means
> of highlighting specific elements in a page as a way of letting users
> know "this thing right here, there's something extra going on"
> Sure, something like this review - http://placenamehere.com/article/
> 241/TufteAtTheManhattanCenter - could use more instruction for the
> unchristened (it was just a stab) but it does its job of highlighting
> the content even if a user doesn't understand what the logo is -- and
> maybe that's a fine place to stop for some -- not every page on the
> internet has to explain every mechanic of the internet.
> In any case, I think a slightly OT to this thread, but more
> interesting case to be solved is how best to author client side
> overlays so that they are as "safe" as possible on the largest number
> of sites. There's been a few recent developments in this area which I
> think are worth looking at if you haven't yet...
> http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/more-microformats-highlighting
> http://leftlogic.com/info/articles/microformats_bookmarklet
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