[uf-discuss] Adding links to hAtom markup for many items on one page

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 13:08:26 PDT 2006

Andy Mabbett wrote:
>    <li class="hentry" id=D2006-09-20>
>         <abbr class="updated entry-title" title="2006-09-20">20th</abbr>:
>         span class="entry-content">[text].</span>
>    </li>
> and a ' rel="bookmark" ' tag for "#D2006-09-20".
> Is there any way to do that, without having self-referring links? I see
> no reason why those URLs need to be visible on the page to which they
> refer.
The tricky part is that you can only add a rel attribute to 'a' and
'link' elements. If you added it to the <li> it would be invalid HTML.


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