[uf-discuss] Tentative proposal for "What's New" listings

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 13:43:57 PDT 2006

> >I am suggesting that since XHTML is disreccomended in RSS <title> AND
> >in ATOM title tags that it may not be wise to have it in the
> >entry-title (ie, using the " character
> What character?

the quotation-mark charater, which is legal everywhere in XHTML except
inside an attribute.

> >there instead of &quot; would
> >be perfectly legal and solve the problem, the escaped ampersand is my
> >code escaping out your HTML entities, which the validator then finds
> >bad because there should be no enitities in a <title>).
> it seems reasonable to me that, if the HTML in question contains "&"
> then the corresponding title component of the feed should contain
> "&amp;". Why is that not the case?

It is the case, and that's exactly what the script does.  The feed
validator just warns you about it, that's all, it's perfectly valid.

> >> If you see "../biblio/BirdLife/1983-0506-42.htm" on a page on the web,
> >> it can have only one meaning, in the context in which you're seeing, it.
> >
> >Hmm... you may have convinced me, although I'm not sure how to go
> >about this.  So far the converter has been assuming that the hAtom was
> >structured according to feed design rules (ie, only use absolute
> >URLs), because that's what I do.
> But it's not a requirement of hAtom, is it?

Certainly not, it was more of a shortsightedness on my part.

> >I should probably look at adding
> >some code to detect <a> tags with relative URLs though...
> Thank you again.


> >> Nonetheless, Sage is now showing some very odd results (do you see that,
> >> or shall I "flickr" a screenshot?)
> >
> >screenshot, I don't have Sage installed anymore, haven't for awhile
> Thanks, but one of your other fixes seems to have resolved that ;-)


One other clarification to those asking, this code is in no way built
on XSLT (a technology with which I am only vaguly farmiliar) and works
in pure PHP.  Thus it does not currently really even see what tags are
inside entry-content (it just escapes them to text), but I will code
around this and get the resolution working :)

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