[uf-discuss] Tentative proposal for "What's New" listings

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 14:57:28 PDT 2006

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> <6991f8e00609261343q547f4d2ck4e6d6b4760b778ec at mail.gmail.com>, Stephen
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> >> >I am suggesting that since XHTML is disreccomended in RSS <title> AND
> >> >in ATOM title tags that it may not be wise to have it in the
> >> >entry-title (ie, using the " character
> >> What character?
> >
> >the quotation-mark charater, which is legal everywhere in XHTML except
> >inside an attribute.
> Doh! I thought we were talking about "&amp;".
> Note though, that " and &quot; are not the same.
> AIUI, under uF principles, I should not have to change my existing
> content, to wrap it in uF.

You don't... as I keep pointing out, this 'issue' the validator brings
up is not a validity issue, but an issue of personal preference.

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