[uf-discuss] hidden microformats

Paolo Negri hungrylist at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 14:56:57 PDT 2006

Hi there

This is my first post here, sorry if I'm not posting in the right place.
I'm adding uformats support in my application and I have to say I'm
quite intrigued but I'm facing with 3 problems

1) Sometime I have to change the code of my pages in places where I
would prefer to have a more clean structure.
2) Sometime I would like to to the uformats on my pages information
that I have in my application but that are not rendered in the current
page, and adding/hiding these information in the original structure to
complete the rendered information, make my page really dirty.
3) In some cases I would like to add a uformat containing informations
that are not present at all on the page but that are deeply connected
with the context of the page.

Now, what I was thinking is to add in the footer of my pages a sort of
container (let's say a div) with all  the microformats that I want to
provide to my end user. Basicly this div will be not visible because
of style setting , it will be just available for parsing purpouse.

What I'm wondering is if this approach makes any sense since
microformats are more oriented to give semantic/parsability to the
visible content. I was thinking as an alternative to provide the
possibility to download directly the vcard or whatever, but I still
would preferer microformats since they sounds for me a bit more
discoverable than a link to the vcard or to the final object.

One last question that I have is about the screen reader for impaired
user. Is there already a standard/proposal to signal that a section of
the page is dedicated to microformats, or maybe I should just use
something to avoid the processing of the container by the screen

That's all, thank you for the attention.


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