[uf-discuss] The trouble with titles (in hAtom)

Ian McKellar ian at mckellar.org
Thu Sep 28 16:06:56 PDT 2006


I'm playing with writing a generic microformat parser that'll be able
to parse any format, given some minimal definition. I started with geo
(piece of cake) and then went on to hAtom (since I've been playing
with it a little lately. I got stuck on how to express the fallback
rules for entry title:

if the Entry Title is missing, use

    * the first <h#> element in the Entry, or
    * the <title> of the page, if there is no enclosing Feed element, or
    * assume it is the empty string

so Tantek suggested I check out what other implementations out there do.

I threw a really minimal hAtom document at hatom2atom & the AUMFP:
    <title>I should be the title</title>
    <p class="hentry">
      <span class="entry-content">I'm the start of the entry. </span>
      <q><span class="entry-title">I'm not the title</span></q>
      <span class="entry-content">I'm the rest of the entry.</span>

>From my reading of the hAtom spec this page represents an hatom feed
with no title and one entry with the title "I should be the title" and
the content "I'm the start of the entry. I'm the rest of the entry."

hatom2atom attached the title to the feed not the entry, and the AUMFP
didn't find the title at all.

So the point of the email is twofold - firstly, these tools probably
need to be updated, and secondly, I don't really understand where the
current behaviour came from - is it the behaviour we want?


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