Currency+Product (Was: [uf-discuss] Dated currency examples?)

Scott Reynen scott at
Fri Sep 29 05:17:45 PDT 2006

On Sep 29, 2006, at 2:56 AM, Lorenzo De Tomasi wrote:

> A proposal can be:
> <p class="price">
> <abbr class="unit money" title="USD per barrel">$/barrel</abbr> <span
> class="value">10,5</span>
> </p>
> I have not yet studied "Related microformats" (I'll do it), but, if I
> have understood the example, another proposal can be:
> <span class="hlisting">
>       <span class="price">
>               <abbr class="unit money" title="USD">$</abbr>
>               <span class="value">25</span>
>       </span>
>       a <span class="item fn">barrel</span>
> </span >
> What do you think?

I don't think many are publishing the currency and the product  
combined as in the first "USD per barrel" example, so it's a non- 
starter.  I think the ability of a machine to know what that "$10" is  
a monetary amount, and which currency the "$" suggests is valuable  
enough by itself.  I suggest we leave the possibilities of combing it  
with other types of data (e.g. products, dates, job listings, etc.)  
to be explored after this basic standard gains some traction.


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