[uf-discuss] Another way of highlighting microformats

gareth rushgrove gareth at morethanseven.net
Sat Sep 30 07:59:36 PDT 2006

Hi All

First post so bear with me!

I'd been following the discussions [1] around highlighting
microformats, and while I like the idea of the browser doing something
like this eventually [2] [3] it's obviously not a reality for most

I decided to have a play with doing it on a site by site basis, a
little like the idea of in page text resizing, using a little
javascript and CSS.

This being something of an experiment (I used :before and generated
content) you need firefox, opera or safari et al and their might be a
few bugs as it's a new design I'm playing with.

Visit http://me.morethanseven.net and click the faint microformats
logo at the top right.

I'd like the hcard elements to link off to technorati, but that would
require a pure js version (no links in generated content) and a little
more time. I like the xfn data revealed though and would be interested
in any feedback at this stage.



[1] http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/highlight-microformats-with-css
[2] http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/a-proposal-for-a-safari-microformats-plugin
[3] http://blog.codeeg.com/tails-firefox-extension-03/

Gareth Rushgrove

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