[uf-discuss] Marking up properties (buildings) as hCard

Ciaran McNulty mail at ciaranmcnulty.com
Tue Apr 3 08:42:03 PDT 2007

In my day job I develop a property listings database that contains a
large number of records of commercial property available to let/buy.

We're undergoing a big rewrite and it's a good opportunity for me to
inject some microformats into the equation.

When looking at the details page for of a property, the following are present:

* A description, headline, lots of info about availability,
square-footage, price etc.
* Contact details for the agent responsible (which can be an hCard)
* The address of the property (ADR?)
* (for some) The co-ordinates of the property (GEO?)

The last two seem primed for grouping together into an hCard for the
property itself, but I have the following issues:

* Does marking up a property as an hCard make sense?

* hCard requires either an FN or an ORG, from what I can tell.  I'm
not clear which of these is preferable for a property.  Commercial
properties are generally referred to by either the building name (i.e.
Microformats House) or the number/street (10 Microformats St.).

These are both usually also the first line of the address, do I just
have <span class="adr"><span class="street-address org">1 Madeup
St.</span></span> ?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

-Ciaran McNulty

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