[uf-discuss] Operator/hresume question

Erin Caton erin at reelgeek.com
Tue Apr 10 17:27:49 PDT 2007


I have recently put up my personal resume site and tried to  
microformat the hell out of it.  More can be done, but I needed a  
break. :)


When I check the hResume formatting with Operator using the debug  
mode in the structure tab, it doesn't include the experience  
information that is formatted with hCard such as the my job title,  
company name or url.  These are shown as separate items under the  
hCard drop down though.  Under hCalendar, the summary is shown in the  
drop down rather than the title of the position, which I would  
imagine to be how people would want to see it listed for a resume  
specifically.  My affiliations are also not listed in the structure  
tab for hResume, but all of the appropriate information is listed in  
the source tab.

Have I just marked it up incorrectly, or is this how it's supposed to  


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