[uf-discuss] Operator/hresume question

Erin Caton erin at reelgeek.com
Wed Apr 11 12:57:30 PDT 2007


I just re-marked up the last of my experiences (object 5) to have the  
vcard as a child of the experience and it gives me the same display  
in the hResume debug mode (no title or org, or org url).


I realize a lot of this is set in stone already, but from a XHTML  
design perspective, having to embed so many child attributes is  
really disheartening.  It bulks up the code significantly and turns  
normally pretty and clean markup into a mass of divs and spans.  If  
you're within the parent class of hResume, shouldn't you be able to  
combine some of these elements to increase the ease of markup? It  
seems reasonable to me to imagine that all experiences in a resume  
would contain a date and contact of some sort.  Why make it harder to  
accomplish?  Having shown a lot of this markup to various designer  
friends, the response has generally been "Ugh - it looks like that?   
I'm not doing *that* to my code."  I understand the ideals behind it,  
but having to embed the core building blocks as such pains me.


That said, I want it to be correct.  Now object 5 looks like this,  
how would I fix it to display properly?

		<div class="experience vevent">
			<div class="vcard">
		<object data="#erin" class="include"></object>
             <div id="p6" class="position"><h3><span  
class="title">Assistant to the Producer</span>, <span  
class="org">Arctic Jungle Films</span></h3></div>
			<div id="exp_6" class="more exp"><a href="http:// 
www.arcticjungle.com" class="url"><img src="/images/job/arcticjungle/ 
lgo_exho.gif" alt="Exploring Horizons television show." title="Click  
to see the Arctic Jungle Films and Exploring Horizons web site."  
border="0" class="right" width="110" height="97" /></a>
             <p>Entertainment industry, <span  
class="location">Toronto, Ontario</span><br />
             <span class="dtstart">July 1998</span> &#8211; <span  
class="dtend">August 1999</span></p>
			<p class="summary">Ran mobile office (12 locations) for two  
seasons of &#x201c;Exploring Horizons&#x201d; traveling documentary,  
broadcast on Outdoor Life Network and Travel Channel. Researched  
locations and shooting events as well as organized promotional event  
filming. Logged tapes and translated English to French tape logs. On  
camera appearances.</p></div>

Also, thank you for taking the time to look at this!


On 11-Apr-07, at 9:46 AM, Mike Kaply wrote:

> There is a bug in Operator here that I am not handling a vcard IN an
> experience. But we discussed this on the IRC, and I'm not sure you
> experience/vevent/vcard is correct. The spec says that the vcard is
> embedded in the experience, so the vcard should be a child of the
> experience.
> Mike Kaply
> On 4/10/07, Erin Caton <erin at reelgeek.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have recently put up my personal resume site and tried to
>> microformat the hell out of it.  More can be done, but I needed a
>> break. :)
>> http://erincaton.ca/resume.html
>> When I check the hResume formatting with Operator using the debug
>> mode in the structure tab, it doesn't include the experience
>> information that is formatted with hCard such as the my job title,
>> company name or url.  These are shown as separate items under the
>> hCard drop down though.  Under hCalendar, the summary is shown in the
>> drop down rather than the title of the position, which I would
>> imagine to be how people would want to see it listed for a resume
>> specifically.  My affiliations are also not listed in the structure
>> tab for hResume, but all of the appropriate information is listed in
>> the source tab.
>> Have I just marked it up incorrectly, or is this how it's supposed to
>> work?
>> Thanks,
>> Erin.
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