[uf-discuss] Linking to non-image "photos"

victor jalencas victor at carotena.net
Fri Apr 13 01:17:05 PDT 2007


 let this email serve as my introduction to this list. I have been
following the microformats movement on and off for some time, until I
decided to implement it on a new project of mine and finally
subscribed to this list a few days ago.

 I have a question regarding the use of the property. I am building a
site in which to review TV commercials. On the html side, the
commercials are embedded using flash player, but on the atom feed, an
ipod-ready mp4 file is attached as an enclosure.

 The hReview spec says that the item info "MAY provide at least one
URL to a photo or depiction ("photo") of the item". I am wondering if
an mp4 video clip counts as a valid depiction of the commercial I am
reviewing, and if so, what's the best way I could use it, since an img
tag is not appropriate in this case. Or, should I just take advantage
of linking to a downloadable version of the commercial, and just add
'class="url photo"' to the link?

Thanks for any light you may shed on this. BTW, if you are curious,
the site in question is at http://spotspotting.com (only in Spanish
though). Corrections are very welcome!



Victor Jalencas <victor at carotena.net>

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