[uf-discuss] hCard names - n vs. fn

Drew McLellan lists at allinthehead.com
Tue Apr 24 14:25:46 PDT 2007

On 24 Apr 2007, at 01:13, Ryan King wrote:

> On Apr 23, 2007, at 12:55 PM, Andy Mabbett wrote:
>> In message <2zMXVjA+A8KGFw3k at pigsonthewing.org.uk>, Andy Mabbett
>> <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> writes
>>>        <TD class="n">
>>>          <SPAN class="honorific-prefix">The Rt Hon</SPAN>&nbsp;
>>>          &nbsp;
>>>          <SPAN class="fn">Tony Blair</SPAN>
>>>          &nbsp;
>>>          <SPAN class="honorific-suffix">MP</SPAN>
>>>        </TD>
>> On reflection, would it make more sense to reverse the "n" and "fn",
>> thus:
>>         <TD class="fn">
>>           <SPAN class="honorific-prefix">The Rt Hon</SPAN>&nbsp;
>>           &nbsp;
>>           <SPAN class="n">Tony Blair</SPAN>
>>           &nbsp;
>>           <SPAN class="honorific-suffix">MP</SPAN>
>>         </TD>
> honorific-prefix and honorific-suffix are subproperties of n, so  
> no, I don't think it makes more sense.

They're also subprops of fn when n isn't present. But n is present.

As we know, fn is 'formatted name', and is used to indicate how the  
name should be displayed - i.e. which order the components should be  
strung together in. Whilst it may be legal to not have fn contain all  
the n subprops, it's a bit silly, isn't it? It's not fulfilling its  

That's what I reckon anyway. Legal, but a bit silly.


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