[uf-discuss] Text::Microformat - a uf parser for Perl

Keith Grennan keith at nearlyfree.org
Wed Apr 25 13:20:53 PDT 2007


Just thought I'd let everyone know about a new Perl module for
parsing microformats.


Text::Microformat is an extensible Microformat-parsing framework, which allows
not only new kinds of microformats to be added, but also extension of the
parser itself, so new parsing metaphors and source document encodings could  be

Features so far:
  * Extracting Microformats from HTML, XHTML and XML
  * Extracting Microformats from entity-encoded or CDATA sections in RSS feeds.
  * The include pattern
  * Microformats built from other Microformats

Supported formats:
  * hCard
  * hGrant

These are the only formats because they were required for the project
I'm working on, but I'd love to see more formats supported.

Project page: http://code.google.com/p/ufperl/
CPAN page: http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?Text::Microformat


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