[uf-discuss] Authority (was: Text::Microformat - a uf parser for Perl)

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Apr 26 15:35:08 PDT 2007

In message <2D9D7010-8DDC-4696-94CB-AC62E4AAC380 at adactio.com>, Jeremy
Keith <jeremy at adactio.com> writes

>Keith Grennan wrote:
>> Supported formats:

>>   * hGrant
>hGrant is not a microformat. hGrant *is* reusable semantic markup
>(POSH by another name).

That's a point-of view, but not a definitive fact. Who says it's not a
microformat? With what authority?

>On this page:
>you refer to hGrant as a microformat. This is incorrect. Please read
>the wiki page that describes the microformats process:
>If, after reading this, it still isn't clear to you why you can't
>simply label hGrant a microformat, please let me know so that we can
>work towards making the description of the process more understandable.

What happens if Microsoft or Mozilla (or both together) announce that
the next version of their browser(s) will support "microformat X", with
a specification for marking up, say, play-lists (or whatever), what
makes you think they and their users would pay any heed to protestations

Indeed, why should they, especially while issues around governance and
licensing raised by this "community" remain largely unaddressed, and
requests for evidence to support proposed formats are met, at some
effort, and then ignored by the requester?

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