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Brian, to answer your question -
(from http://microformats.org/discuss/mail/microformats-new/2007-April/000242.html)

our company was under the impression
that all of this copyright and patent policy had been worked out. After
speaking with our legal team, it is clear to us that is has not been. We
cannot be first adopters of Microformats unless there is a clear
statement on the Microformats pages stating something to the effect of:

All authors provide these microformat proposals, drafts and
specifications under a cc-by-1.0 or later license (or something to that
effect). All authors do not claim any patent rights to concepts
described in proposals, drafts and specifications.

--- if you can give-us any other information, who exactly the company
is, etc and any other information from the legal team we can attempt
to work around these problems or debunk the FUD.

brian suda

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