[uf-discuss] Best practice for the abbr pattern

James Craig jcraig at apple.com
Fri Apr 27 14:51:02 PDT 2007

Dan Champion wrote:

> Webadmin - Tenbus wrote:
>> Mike Kaply wrote:
>>> Both upcoming and eventful do not have dashes in their dates.
>>> They will need to be evangelized.
>> Wikevent.org's got it right <http://wikevent.org/en/ 
>> Joan_Armatrading_2007_5_7> we don't need evangelising ;-)
> Ditto for Revish - http://www.revish.com/reviews/090613725X/ 
> danchamp/   :-)

You guys are missing the point. Do you talk that way?

Is anyone gonna be in thirty point three. Dash ninety-seven point  
seventy-five anytime soon? I should be there at two thousand seven  
six nine tee fifteen thirty zero zero dash six o'clock.

Explanation: Austin, Texas, USA on June 9th at 3:30PM in spoken ISO  
(2007-06-09T15:30:00-06:00) and rounded Geo (30.300474;-97.747247).


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