[uf-discuss] Best practice for the abbr pattern

Dan Champion dan at revish.com
Fri Apr 27 23:04:14 PDT 2007

James Craig wrote:
> Dan Champion wrote:
>> Webadmin - Tenbus wrote:
>>> Mike Kaply wrote:
>>>> Both upcoming and eventful do not have dashes in their dates.
>>>> They will need to be evangelized.
>>> Wikevent.org's got it right 
>>> <http://wikevent.org/en/Joan_Armatrading_2007_5_7> we don't need 
>>> evangelising ;-)
>> Ditto for Revish - 
>> http://www.revish.com/reviews/090613725X/danchamp/   :-)
> You guys are missing the point.

I'm well aware of the point of the broader discussion. You missed the 
point of my post (and I imagine Spike's) which was to show some 
immediate support for the interim suggestion that Tantek and others have 

I felt it important to demonstrate that the discussion here is of some 
practical consequence and is being listened to by those of us actively 
promoting microformats in the field, and who are also painfully aware of 
the accessibility issues: Bruce Lawson and I had a brief chat about 
microformat "abuse" of abbr while he was (presumably) working with you 
to highlight the issue.

> Do you talk that way? 

Yes, actually. I'm not the most effective communicator in any space.

Let's not side-track the discussion though. As a solution emerges I will 
continue to adopt it as I see fit, but will think twice about 
publicising that effort through this channel.



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