[uf-discuss] changing abbr-design-pattern to title-design-pattern?

James Craig jcraig at apple.com
Sat Apr 28 22:51:29 PDT 2007

Andy Mabbett wrote:

>  Tantek Çelik writes
>> the blog post on hAccessibility WaSP was seriously flawed
> [...]
>> 2. It recommended known unworkable solutions
> Perhaps you missed this part:
>         We encourage the Microformats group to consider the problem,
>         whether or not they accept any of the following, proposed
>         solutions.

There is one other part Tantek may have missed when he wrote:

>> In addition I think this is a case where a little bit of pain now  
>> with abbr and some tools actually opens up the potential for  
>> *much* better accessibility/usability tools (once UAs actually  
>> recognize ISO dates as such and can speak/rewrite them for a  
>> user's datetime/language/locality preferences).  I for one think  
>> this tradeoff is more than reasonable.

The article also states:

> The Microformats group is vehemently opposed to hypothetical  
> situations as the basis for a Microformat change. Real-world  
> examples are often requested, or as they commonly phrase it,  
> examples “in the wild.”
> We remind the Microformats group that real-world screen reader  
> implementations existed, according to spec and “in the wild,” long  
> before the Microformats design patterns, and we encourage the group  
> to respect those real-world implementations, rather than focusing  
> on hypothetical situations...

The "screen readers may support ISO dates someday" argument is a  
great idea–I will laud it if it happens–but it's completely  
hypothetical. Surely you can admit that, and if so, maybe you can  
admit the argument is not a legitmate justification for the datetime- 
design-pattern, and especially not for the use of abbr-design-pattern  
in geo.


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