[uf-discuss] proposed title-design-pattern is not backwards compatible, too big of a change

Patrick H. Lauke redux at splintered.co.uk
Sun Apr 29 08:10:33 PDT 2007

Brian Suda wrote:

> We are naively ASSUMING that people with assistive technologies NEED
> our help.

I would suggest that common sense, based on the sample of screen reader 
output provided in the WaSP article, does indeed lead us to assume, but 
it's an informed assumption.

> I would prefer, before WE think we can hand the right
> soltion down from on high, that someone who uses a screen-reader as
> their main browser give their feedback.

Then we should build some test cases with the various proposed changes 
to the abbr pattern (general title-design-pattern on a variety of 
elements, a span-design-pattern, etc), and have them tested. WaSP ATF 
can certainly help in this endeavour.

> We skirt the issue by moving data to the title attribute of
> alternative elements, how do we know screen-readers now

Because James, Bruce and I (as well as probably a few others that hame 
chimed in on the discussion) have reasonable experience of current 
screen reader behaviour in the here and now.

> or later

I thought microformats was supposed to be a technology that works 
*today*, not some hypothetical future? As such, yes, it may or may not 
have to adapt with changes in the technological landscape.

> won´t
> read out those as well? we are coding around a problem by potentiall
> creating other ones and ignoring the semantics of the HTML spec in the
> process.

I'd temper that with: the microformats' group *interpretation* of the 
HTML spec. The semantic meaning has already been slightly stretched to 
fit the abbr-pattern, in my (and some other members' and non-members') 
opinion, anyway.

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