[uf-discuss] hReview "type" question

Conor O'Neill conor at argolon.com
Mon Apr 30 12:38:44 PDT 2007

I think this is a great question Nora. We're building a review 
publisher/aggregator built on hReview and we ended up dropping "type" 
from our reviews as it was confusing our beta testers and not really 
adding any value to our site.

What is a movie? Most testers did not consider it a product, some 
thought it might be an event if they saw it in a movie theatre. Many 
even found the difference between product and business confusing. So we 
removed type and just have "add address details if you have them" to 
cover business-style reviews. We let tags take care of everything else.

I can see the logic of saying if type=business then hCard mandatory and 
if type=event then hCalendar mandatory but I'd be interested to hear 
about more uses of this limited list.


Nora Brown wrote:
> I know this is partially addressed in the first hReview FAQ on the
> microformats wiki, but I have a more general question. I have been
> reading a lot about microformats, and have used hCard, but am fairly
> new to them overall.
> The possible values of 'type' are limited to: product | business |
> event | person | place | website | url. Why? It seems quite strange
> and indirect, even undesirable, to me to add a link to the Wikipedia
> "definition" of a book (as a tag, suggested in the FAQ) to my academic
> book review as a way of simply saying "I am reviewing a book". So my
> question is, why do the types have to be limited to this list? And, if
> there is a good technical reason why they should be, why not allow a
> sub-type, that is open to any value? As it is, the extremely general
> nature of the types available make them much less useful. No one is
> ever looking for a review of any old "business" in Santa Cruz, CA,
> they are looking for a restaurant or movie theater. Any information on
> this topic is really appreciated.
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